Shampoo Bar


This little light-weight syndet (short for synthetic detergent) bar delivers mounds of gentle suds to get your hair clean without that stripped feeling. The primary surfactant, sodium cocoyl Isethionate is a favorite among cosmetic chemists because it's mild and gentle.

Cold-Process AKA "natural" soap bars are often sold as shampoo bars, but don't perform well because their high pH damages the hair cuticle and makes hair look dull and feel "gunky". Using this syndet shampoo bar, you won't need to rinse with stinkin' apple cider vinegar to remove soap scum. (thanks science & chemistry!)

If the bar is kept dry between uses, it's been determined to last for 70+ shampoo's for some people. It's been around the world via members of the Peace Corp because it's so convenient to take when traveling.

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