About Us

About Us

Our founder and Chief Formulator has a Bachelors degree in Biology and a Masters degree as a Physician Assistant (PA).† As a PA she has an underlying understanding of skin physiology, the ability to select ingredients based on performance, efficacy, and safety profile.†While working as a chemist for a major auto manufacturer it became evident that there were no suitable products available in the marketplace to adequately protect the skin from the harsh environment of a manufacturing facility other than mass-produced products that left an unpleasant†greasy-waxy feel on the skin.†

Drawing on her experience working in the manufacturing environment as well as having a medical background she created the products necessary for adequate and proper skin care and protection.† The products worked so well that it was decided it would be a welcome addition to the public marketplace and the response has been overwhelming!

We specialize in luxury†artisan body care products.† We are a cottage industry boutique-type manufacturer.† Our products are created & packaged in small batches, to ensure the recipient is receiving fresh merchandise.†† We offer high quality products- proudly made in Michigan!† We do not use pre-made run-of-the-mill base materials and add scent for resale!†Our own research†has given us insight into the needs of the body's skin to retain its natural feel and soft to the touch.

We manufacture in a professional commercial setting in a stainless steel equipped lab.† All our products are produced in a laboratory setting to ensure the utmost in purity and cleanliness. We formulate from the ground up based on concepts and the aesthetics the customer desires and that we are trying to achieve. †We attend trade shows and keep abreast of the latest ingredients.† We select ingredients based on clinical & efficacy data, and rigorous testing.

We conduct in-house QC testing as well as sending out products for micro studies.† We use ingredients that have been used successfully in personal care for decades.† We utilize ingredients that are on the CIR list- (those that have been studied for safety) as well as review new ingredients that have proven clinical data.† We source our ingredients from world-class suppliers- the very best materials from science and nature.†

We conduct exhaustive testing on human volunteers before releasing a product to the public.†We utilize the feed-back for product improvement and we use the product ourselves!† Our products are properly labeled per FDA requirements,†and contains the weight, ingredients, directions for use and contact information-itís the law!