admin with crystal ball

magic crystal ball

This is a picture of me with a Photo-shopped pig snout holding a crystal ball.  It’s an appropriate pic for your introduction to “woo.”

Ya might be wondering WTF is woo?  It’s hard to describe, but I’ll try-  because it plays into my world view and the way I approach formulating and selling personal care products by telling it the way it is.

Woo is a type of magical thinking; a belief in things that aren’t plausible nor evidence-based.  It flies in the face of logic and science.  It’s pseudoscience.   I read somewhere the definition of woo is that it performs no better than placebo when subjected to a proper scientific trial.

Some examples are:  alternative medicine, (Reiki,  urine drinking, essential oils which cure a myriad of health problems from Ebola, to depression to asthma and anything in-between, homeopathy etc), conspiracy theories, chemtrails, flat-earthers, crystals that contain or deflect energy, earth-grounding, “praying the gay away.”

It’s the type of non-sense that one might attribute to lunatics- thus the word “woonatics”  is often used to describe these people.  Many of us (in the skeptical closet) are amused by what “woonatics” post in public forums.  It makes for bizarre entertainment.

It’s sort of like staring at an accident scene.  You know you shouldn’t look, but you can’t help yourself.  Some of it is funny, but some woo can have tragic consequences when innocent people forego mainstream medical treatment and buy into woo.  Hair-brained treatments forced upon innocent children (such as bleach enemas to cure autism) pisses me off the most, followed by cancer woo (using baking soda, black salve, or frankincense essential oil for example).

Woo has crept into the cosmetic industry, especially with the current worship of essential oils.  I’ll talk more about that later.   But for now, you’ve dipped your toes into the concept of woo-fuckery.  Remember, beliefs are not facts.