Continuing on with a discussion of soap claims, fear-based selling by demonizing anything synthetic- “If a message results in a visceral feeling of fear or anxiety, if the messenger proposes a solution that promises or claims to alleviate that fear and anxiety and if the solution is to support the messenger or purchase something from the messenger, think about it…long and hard”. 

In part 1: the soaper is producing some gorgeous soap and he’d do just fine by highlighting the merits of his soap instead of causing anxiety and fear.

The next ingredients he complains about are Sodium Tallowate and or Sodium Palmate because he does not want to spread palm oil or beef fat all over his body.  He accuses commercial enterprises of hiding the fact that they used lye and it is not disclosed on the ingredient sheet. Many commercial producers of combo bars use pre-saponified soap pellets (free of lye), which are blended together with other ingredients such as color, exfoliants, scents, etc.

Another one of his warnings are against artificial colorants- which to him, are harmful / toxic.  He advises to use only micas and iron oxides because they are “natural”.  Funny thing is, those are made synthetically, in labs these days!   Iron Oxides that are approved by the FDA to be used cosmetics are not
natural.  The FDA is very strict on what can be used in cosmetics to make sure there are no harmful impurities such as heavy metals.   Colorants for soap may a different story, but since he makes claims about his soap, it puts it into the cosmetic category, if not a drug category.

Another set of chemicals that he warns us about are fragrance aroma chemicals-  Because of the scary hard-to-pronounce words.  He only uses essential oils and claims this tones and firms the skin!

aroma chemicals

This tells us nothing really.  It’s designed to frighten people.  It’s aimed at those people who do not have a basic understanding of chemical nomenclature and who associate complicated names with toxic.  If you take a look at just one (natural) oil- lavender you can see a similar set of scary names.


Chemicals in lavender oil

basket of lavender