Big changes coming to our lives- a move to what we Michiganders call “up north”.  Since our state is the water wonderland, folks head out of the city and suburbs on the weekends to their lake house or cabin.  What’s to do?   Camp, hike, fish, boating, ski, swim, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobile,  snowshoe, climb the dunes, hunt for lighthouses, drink craft beer…and the list goes on.

This move will be permanent.  And it will take some time as I’ll need a lab in which to produce my bath and body products without too much down time.  I’ve been operating in our 40 x 60 pole building.  It was retrofitted with water, heat, air conditioning, and a drain.  It never seemed big enough, and this move will certainly be a challenge.   Later, we’ll put up a 40 x 80 pole building.

I wanted to track this journey warts & all- so I can look back on it.  There’s an enormous amount of work to do (not including renovations to our current house down state).

Update on this post.  Now it’s May 2017.  It seems we’re moving slowly like a snail.  Some rooms in the house have been painted up north, and some in our house down state. But we did get a 40 x 80 pole barn roughed-in up north.  It has a second story.  There’s a cupola on the top of the building to let light in.  All I want  to do with the work ahead is put a sofa under it and drink tea with my feet propped up:)

Stairway to heaven?

Stairway to heaven?


new building

Baby steps.