The Blue Bottle, or the Red? Which Will You Choose?

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Which will you choose? 

One bottle is made by professional chemists.  It’s safety tested to industry standards; RIPT, microbial load, stability, efficacy, with proven performance claims.  The other bottle is made by a hobbyist in her kitchen, formulated by the world view of the naturalistic fallacy, and claims to have no chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances, no preservatives, synthetics, petroleum, or animal products.

Leather or man-made materials?
I wonder why some people enjoy all that modern technology has to offer, except when it comes to skin care?

image of blue and red bottle

blue or red bottle?

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CVS to phase out chemicals of concern in store brand beauty and personal care

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The retail pharmacy chain announced plans this week to remove select ingredients from four of its own cosmetics and personal care brands, calling the move “a natural step in the evolution of our comprehensive approach to chemical safety.”

Source: CVS to phase out chemicals of concern in store brand beauty and personal care

I’ve lost all respect for CVS.  Following in the footsteps of NGO activist groups, the decision to phase out “Chemicals of Concern” shows the stupidity of someone in their decision tree.  I doubt that it involved their pharmacists, who are well-read in science, chemistry, and toxicology.  It appears the corporate powers that be have been listening to NGO activist groups who demonize just about every personal care chemical over two syllables long.  I think the motive is positioning in the marketplace.  A target market of new-age hippies and crunchies.  They’re caving into the anti-scientific movement and profiting off people’s ignorance of chemistry, when they should be educating the public.

Phthalates are on the no-no list.  Chemophobes tend to group them together, but the ones used in cosmetics are DBP (nail polish) and these days you’d be hard pressed to find any fragrance oils that are made with phthalates.  As expert Chemist David C. Steinburg said in Cosmetics & Toiletries, October 2005, Volume 120, No 10,

“Alcohol causes more reproductive toxicity than DBP; why not ban that?

And Yes, CVS sells liquor.

Here is the FDA’s position on phthalates in personal care products.  At the present time, FDA does not have evidence that phthalates as used in cosmetics pose a safety risk.”

I won’t even get started on formaldehyde donors and parabens.  Both are safe as used.  The irony is they’ll ban ingredients deemed safe by most of the scientific regulatory bodies all over the world, but refuse to quit selling homeopathic remedies.  Worthless crap.  Homeopathy has been studied to death and doesn’t work under any controlled conditions.  At best it’s an expensive placebo…. unless it’s made wrong and poisoning babies.

(Click to read) FDA: Toxic Belladonna In Homeopathic Teething Product

It looks like CVS just can’t resist the $$$ from duping gullible consumers.  Profit up, credibility down.

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New Lab Journey 1

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Big changes coming to our lives- a move to what we Michiganders call “up north”.  Since our state is the water wonderland, folks head out of the city and suburbs on the weekends to their lake house or cabin.  What’s to do?   Camp, hike, fish, boating, ski, swim, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobile,  snowshoe, climb the dunes, hunt for lighthouses, drink craft beer…and the list goes on.

This move will be permanent.  And it will take some time as I’ll need a lab in which to produce my bath and body products without too much down time.  I’ve been operating in our 40 x 60 pole building.  It was retrofitted with water, heat, air conditioning, and a drain.  It never seemed big enough, and this move will certainly be a challenge.   Later, we’ll put up a 40 x 80 pole building.

I wanted to track this journey warts & all- so I can look back on it.  There’s an enormous amount of work to do (not including renovations to our current house down state).

Update on this post.  Now it’s May 2017.  It seems we’re moving slowly like a snail.  Some rooms in the house have been painted up north, and some in our house down state. But we did get a 40 x 80 pole barn roughed-in up north.  It has a second story.  There’s a cupola on the top of the building to let light in.  All I want  to do with the work ahead is put a sofa under it and drink tea with my feet propped up:)

Stairway to heaven?

Stairway to heaven?


new building

Baby steps.


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