I often get asked the question, “Why a pig-themed cosmetic line”?
I said to myself, “Why the heck not,…  I’m sick of plain vanilla.”
Choosing to stand out from the herd, I wanted to exit the ordinary, and add some personality to the products.  It’s mainly about poking fun at the beauty industry.  In future posts, I’ll be looking at cosmetic marketing-and poking holes in the Natural Nazi and Toxin Terrorists’ claims.
Put on your critical thinking cap.
We’ll be doing  some science.
A little background;

This is who I am.  This is what I do.   This is why I do it


 I suppose my story began with a chemistry set I got as elementary school child. The rotten-egg smell I created at the kitchen table stunk up the whole house and my parents were not amused.  I also bought some fart spray and used it liberally in my siblings’ bedrooms when I could get away with it.
Fast forward into young adulthood, school was interrupted by a divorce and need to support & feed my two children. Eight years of working at a powertrain factory and taking classes at night fueled my desire to better myself and escape the monotonous grind of the assembly line.
After graduation with a degree in biology and two classes short of a double major in chemistry, I worked as a plant chemist managing the safety and performance of a million gallons of coolants, lubricants, and cleansers on the manufacturing floor. My hands, as well as the majority of the other 8,000 employees took a beating from the metalworking fluids. I was grossed-out with the stock lotions from the medical department because they felt heavy, greasy, and waxy and didn’t soothe my cracked and irritated hands.
I wanted something that felt delicious on my skin.
I began to study personal care ingredients and formulas, but that interest took a back seat as I learned the entire in-house chemical management team was being out-sourced as a cost savings. I was transferred to plant engineering, which I hated.
I made my escape plan and took a big gamble. I applied to grad school to become a physician assistant. There were hundreds of applicants for a class of 40 students and the competition was fierce. The odds were against me, but I took the required prerequisite classes and spent my weekends working a second job at a group home for traumatic brain- injured individuals to gain patient care experience.
By some miracle being accepted into the program, I entered a very strenuous course of study followed by a year of clinical rotations, all while working on my thesis and many other academic projects.  Nothing like being on call and awakened at 3 am to assist in an appendectomy, or C-section and then told to prepare a talk on Group B streptococcus to present to the chief resident the following night.  I thought I’d never survive and getting through PA school at 44 years old was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
I’m happy I got to work with some of the best dermatologists at a major medical center, treating cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, eczema, and severe pustular psoriasis all requiring hospitalization- usually from secondary skin infections.  I furthered my knowledge of skin care by diagnosing and treating dermatitis and skin ulcers at skilled nursing facilities.
While my career in internal medicine was in full swing, I returned to the study of personal care ingredients and formulating in the evenings. Friends and family loved my concoctions and asked for more. I’ll never forget when I made my first successful emulsion with my kitchen aid mixer. I think my eyes rolled back in my head in utter bliss and was hooked.
I looked around my kitchen to see all counters packed with various ingredients.  I  had a 2 x 4 board on one counter so I could double stack my ingredients. There was no room left for meal prep.  I was seriously afraid my husband would get stearic acid on his toast!
Another big issue was manufacturing at home, it had the “yuk” factor.  I wanted a separate manufacturing location with stainless steel counters and processing equipment that was easy to clean and disinfect.  I had to make a decision whether to get serious about a business or keep my obsession a hobby.
The answer came to me after an ER doc applied my dream cream and quipped, “this feels better than sex, I think I need a cigarette!”  I knew then, I should take my life experiences and talent to serve others who are looking for an exquisite feel in their personal care products.
Why did I give up practicing as a Physician Assistant?  To create products that provide a sensual, self-indulgent experience for the skin (don’t worry, you won’t get pimples and go blind).  It’s for those who crave products with intoxicating scents and a pleasurable feel.
What makes me different?
I design my products for feel & performance, not by the origin of ingredients.  I use a full range of ingredients; whether it’s “all natural”, organic or synthetic.  It’s a mix of “traditional” and “natural” (whatever that means).  All ingredients originate from mother earth, whether it is in the form of feed stock to synthesize a quaternary compound to detangle hair, Shea butter from the Karite tree, or a lab-produced tetra-peptides for wrinkles.  It’s just a degree of processing.  You can’t squeeze a coconut to get a surfactant and there is no such thing as a lotion tree. It doesn’t exist in nature.  As a matter of fact, cosmetics don’t exist in nature!  We have to make them.
My knowledge of skin physiology and 12 years of formulating enables me make outstanding products. I rely on science, not nonsense from activist groups or bloggers who don’t even have a basic understanding of high school biology.  I try to defend the cosmetic industry, not spread myths about ingredients for which there is no supporting data.
I’m un-organic, “certified conventional”.   All of our products are made of chemicals- just like me.  I don’t have to lie or scare people to get them to buy my products.